The name “STALIN”

The name STALIN was not intended to have any political connotation. Why STALIN, then? Steel (“Stahl” in German) is seen by many people as synonymous with security and impenetrability. STALIN – THE IRON CURTAIN.

A mobile phone bag as a kind of IRON CURTAIN? That was exactly our idea: A curtain that prevents mobile devices from communicating externally and sending data, locations, discussions, and much more to third parties in situations where you want to remain anonymous. The STALIN also restores your sphere of privacy to what it should rightfully be: Private!

The STALIN – the anti-spying bag: Keeping your private life private and your internal business affairs in-house!

We embrace democratic freedom and believe that the protection of one’s privacy is a prerequisite for that freedom. Our core concern is to protect your privacy with the STALIN.

In other words, the STALIN is an anti-spying bag offering and guaranteeing you the highest level of protection against spying, tracking, phone tapping, radiation and Keyless-Go car theft.

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