The STALIN in use

The STALIN provides protection against spying, tracking, Keyless-Go car theft and it blocks all connections, such as cell phones, smartphones, tablets, personal IDs, credit cards and all cards with an RFID chip.

Removing doesn’t help

New and also old mobile phones are equipped with small spare batteries and can still send data even once the battery is removed. In many smartphones, the battery is now permanently integrated into the phone and the unique IMEI number which every mobile device has makes it possible to track you even without a SIM card.

Protection against tracking

The STALIN is a secure solution to prevent spying and tracking in situations where you want to remain anonymous. Mobile devices are not detected by area scans and the radio waves of Keyless-Go keys are jammed, making the STALIN an important safeguard against Keyless-Go car theft.

Blocks connections

An innovative technology consisting of a shielding fibrous web and a triple magnetic locking system block all external connections and signals when the bag is closed. It also blocks GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth, RFID and NFR. The STALIN makes you invisible and protects you from spying.

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